When I was a child I read a beautifully illustrated tale of The Ugly Duckling, by Andersen. From that time, I liked swans and often copied my favorite picture of swans on a lake.

I chose this symbol first because, when the swan bows his long neck, his right profile makes an S, my initial, and also because of the rich symbolism of the white swan in various traditions. Above all it is a symbol of beauty, gracefulness, calmness; its white color is associated with sincerity; its long mating relationships are taken to symbolize love and fidelity; it is an image of power because of its size and high flight; and to crown all the rest, the swan has something to do not only with the muses, poetry and music, but also with philosophy: On the night before Plato became his student, Socrates dreamt that a swan flew into his bosom.

The purpose of this journal is to share how I rediscovered my Catholic faith, lost for more than ten years in my young adult life, and how well it resonates with right reason. I have studied theology formally and I am self-educated in philosophy, through the works of French philosopher Jacques Maritain.

August 27, 2011