Meditatio Mortis from Bruce G. Charlton

Interesting post today from Dr Charlton on immortality of the soul:

A commenter refers to another post from Dr. Charlton on radical doubt that was pivotal in his own conversion, saying: “It certainly forced me to contemplate whether there’s any good reason to believe that we moderns are right in contradiction to more than 99% of the people who ever lived.” (

Dr Charlton insists that belief in immortality of the soul is completely natural to all men of all eras except modern elites of the West. Note that he took 40 years to seriously explore other avenues before coming back to Christian faith and classical philosophy.

His post of September 14 on time and eternity is also very good:

It put back in my mind the historian of religions Mircea Eliade’s book The Sacred and The Profane, which is a good overview of how men have always and everywhere been religious, except modern types mostly disconnected from the natural world.

Mircea Eliade, The Sacred and the Profane (PDF)